Versailles Celebrates Milestone with Free Cafecito Wednesday

Living in South Florida requires one to fuel up on cafecito just to get through the day -- and the traffic.

Miami's iconic restaurant Versailles is helping Cuban espresso lovers get over hump day with free cafecito!

The Little Havana hangout is inviting folks to La Ventanita or the walk-up coffee window Wednesday for the pick-me-up to celebrate its social media milestone.

Versailles launched its Facebook page in recent years and quickly gained a huge following, reaching 20,000 followers.

At a time when gaining followers on social media is top priority for many, Versailles' Facebook achievement is a cause for celebration.

So, if you need to get rid of the mid-week blues on Wednesday, you can head over to the Miami landmark where the cafecito will start flowing at 8:30 a.m.

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