Video: Hollywood 7-Eleven Clerk Fights Back Attempted Robber

The Hollywood 7-Eleven clerk who is seen on surveillance video violently hitting and punching a man who attempted to rob the register said she reacted that way because of her family.

"I just thought of my life," Michell Rideou said.

Surveillance cameras captured the attempted robbery on Aug. 7 at the store on 1600 N. Federal Highway. The man enters and proceeds to act as if he's buying something.

As soon as Rideou opens the register, he jumps over the counter and starts grabbing cash.

Rideou snapped back as soon as she saw that he didn't have a gun.

"It was like, ok, let me just hit him one good time try to back him off," she told NBC 6. "It was just reaction."

She hits him several times as the man struggled to steal from the register. 

She takes one of the drawers and throws it at his face. He gives up, walks toward the door, and then runs back to pick up something from the floor before he leaves for good.

"I'm a mother, so I’m not just gonna let somebody do something stupid like that," she said. 

Anyone with information about this suspect should call Hollywood police at 954-967-4636. 

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