Walmart Greeter Beatdown Caught on Tape

Friendly old man just wanted to see receipt

Ed Bauman is rethinking his WalMart greeter job.

The friendly Palm Bay 69-year-old gave his best Danny Glover/"Lethal Weapon" impression after he was beatup by a 23-year-old customer who didn't want to show his receipt.  
"It shook me up pretty much," Bauman told WESH. "Like I told the boss, 'I'm getting too old for this stuff.'"
It all started when Skyler Lowery, 23, set off the store's alarm this past Saturday as he was leaving.

Lowery quickly showed Bauman his receipt but kept walking. When Bauman followed Lowery outside, the younger man allegedly became angry, grabbed Bauman's clipboard, tore up some paper and then began hitting Bauman in the head.

The whole incident was captured by a store surveillance camera.

Lowery, who hadn't stolen anything, was nevertheless arrested for battery. He was being held on $5,000 bail.

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