WATCH: NHL Legend Jaromir Jagr Heckles Teammate During Interview

The Florida Panthers say team chemistry has played an important role in their surprising season, which has included a first-place finish in the Atlantic Division.

That chemistry has been visible off the ice in the form of playful nicknames and an unusual lucky hoodie (Spacey in Space).

Before Sunday's Game 3 vs the New York Islanders, a funny moment between 44-year-old legend Jaromir Jagr and 23-year-old Nick Bjugstad gave us a first-hand look at the camaraderie.

While Bjugstad was doing a 1-on-1 with NBC 6 in the dressing room, a voice from outside starting shouting his nickname "Bjugy."

That voice was Jagr's. He was busy sharpening his stick, but wanted to make sure he got in a few playful jabs at his young teammate.

When Jagr first arrived in Florida, the Panthers young players admitted they were star struck. Jagr's behavior, as seen here, has helped bridge the age gap and make him just one of the guys.

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