Wild Boar Carcass Washes Up on Jensen Beach Causeway Park Shore

A wild boar was found partially buried in the sand Wednesday.

Martin County Parks officials were called to Jensen Beach Causeway Park Wednesday after passersby noticed a wild boar carcass partially buried in the sand.

Officials said the carcass is one of a few that have been found countywide in the last couple of months.

"This one had washed up," said Martin County Parks Superintendent Jim Lopilato. "We're not sure how long it had been there. It was buried down below the tide line."

It's not just hogs showing up on shore. Lopilato said various types of carcasses - including snake, deer and cow carcasses - have washed up in the area due to the number of surrounding waterways. But by no means are these incidents limited to Martin County, he said.

"It's happening all over," he said.

The parks department is disposing of the carcass by taking it to a local dumpster.

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