Wildlife Officers Rescue Kati, Dog Who Fell Off Cliff

Kati was on the rocks by the river for five hours before she was rescued

Wildlife officers rescued a dog in northern Florida who fell off a cliff and ended up on rocks along a river.

Kati was running with her owner Don Baker and two other dogs, when she fell to the bottom of the cliff wall near Mattair Springs, which is in Suwannee County, the FWC said on its Facebook page.

Baker, who didn't exactly know where Kati was because she didn't bark, swam almost half a mile in an effort to find her. Once Baker and his wife Kathy found their dog, they called Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for help because they couldn't reach her.

FWC officer Todd Nichols rappelled down the cliff wall with the help of fellow officer Dwain Mobley. Kati was cooperative and climbed some of the cliff with Nichols.

Baker said Kati was on the rocks by the river for five hours because Nichols reached her.

Kati's owners told wildlife officials that their canine has run almost 4,000 miles with Baker and has completed 89 races, including half marathons.

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