Woman Suing Neighbors Months After Dog Attack in Tamarac Backyard

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It’s been seven months since a South Florida woman says she was attacked by her neighbor’s dog in her backyard.

The attack happened in March. Surveillance video shows Judy Polstra walking her dog behind her home in Tamarac. All of sudden, her neighbor’s Rottweiler runs towards her.

"The dog attacked me from all sides, bit my leg, bit my arm," Polstra said.

Polstra says she was bitten multiple times but says the bites are nothing compared to the trauma she now deals with.

"I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD," she said. "I can’t go in my backyard now. I carry a mace gun, a stun gun and a body camera in my own backyard.

Polstra’s attorney Chris Royer filed a lawsuit and says this is the second time the same Rottweiler has attacked their family.

"This is a negligence case, and it’s really amazing that Judy was injured as little as she was physically because she could have been killed," Royer said.

Royer says the dog bit Polstra’s dog two years ago.

"We’re simply seeking to have Mrs. Polstra and her husband and their animals protected from this happening again," Royer said,

The attorney for the dog’s owner sent a statement saying in part, "The alleged incident in question took place over seven months ago and is currently the subject of a lawsuit for which we are aggressively defending and have vehemently denied. My clients look forward to complete vindication from these allegations."

Polstra says she’s also added several new security cameras in her backyard since the attack.

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