Woman Swipes Tip Jar From Miami Restaurant on Labor Day

Workers at a Miami restaurant are dealing with a petty thief who was seen on video ripping off their Labor Day tips.

Surveillance video shows a woman grabbing a tip jar and hiding it under the counter before walking out of Love Life Café in Wynwood Monday afternoon.

Employees believe that the thief was a delivery person who swiped the tip money while picking up a to-go order – and they’re pretty sure they know who she is.

"It’s the first time it has happened," said restaurant owner Veronica Menin.

The restaurant was bustling with workers serving hungry patrons seeking refuge from the rainy holiday, so the incident seemingly went unnoticed.

“It’s disappointing to hear somebody took money from honest people who are working,” said Menin.

Restaurant employees filed a police report, and are hoping that someone recognizes the person seen in the surveillance video and returns the tip money.

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