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Zoo Miami Surprises Student With Ron Magill Scholarship Award

Zoo Miami announced the winner of the Ron Magill Conservation Scholarship on Friday

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Zoo Miami announced that this year's Ron Magill Conservation Scholarship would be awarded to a freshman at the University of Florida.

Kathryn Treacy won the $5,000 dollar award, but because of her outstanding work as a volunteer at the zoo, her award was doubled to a total of $10,000.

The scholarship money will go toward her education as she pursues her dream of becoming a zoologist veterinarian and working at Zoo Miami one day.

"I did not expect it whatsoever and I'm more than overjoyed right now," said Treacy.

For the last five years, the Ron Magill Conservation Scholarship has been awarded to a promising student from a local high school who volunteers at Zoo Miami in the Conservation Teen Scientist program.

Zoo Miami's Ron Magill began giving out the yearly $5,000 award to encourage more young people to get involved in environmental and wildlife issues.

"It's an investment in the future," said Magill. "All the work that we do here is a moot point if the next generation doesn't pick up that torch and carry it on."

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