Boy Finds Safety With Stranger During Dallas Shooting

"Ma'am can I come with you because I lost my mama," JaJuan Taylor, 15, asked Angie Wisner

In the chaos of the shooting in Texas that left 12 Dallas law enforcement officers shot, five fatally, a boy found safety with a stranger after he was separated from his family, NBC News reported.

Angie Wisner, a mental health technician and mother of three, went to Thursday's protest because she wanted to "come away with something for my kids."

Instead, she walked away with someone else's kid.

"We kind of ran into each other," Wisner, 33, told NBC News. "We were running and he came up to me and said, 'Ma'am can I come with you because I lost my mama.' He was shaking, out of breath, he was scared. And I said of course."

After running for about 30 minutes trying to avoid death and injury, 15-year-old JaJuan and Wisner found shelter with a stranger, who let them take cover in an apartment.

Wisner learned later that the boy's mom, Shetamia Taylor, had been shot after a relative came to pick him up.

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