For the Adventurous Bruncher: Alternative Midday Meals

Brunch is commonly relegated to the general weekend 11 to 4 time slot. However, there are plenty of venues and individuals who are disregarding the traditional definitions of this celebration of the weekend's ease. If you need a place for brunch, but don't mind a change of pace, we've got you covered.


Midnight Brunch
Pop Up Locations TBD / NYC

If you're in a city that claims to never sleep, you had better believe that not everyone is on the same clock. The brainchildren behind Midnight Brunch, a self described "pop up culinary experience featuring ehtnic-inspired food and craft cocktails," are dishing out waffles well after 12. They specialize in guest chefs who constantly switch up the menu, using themes such as Brazilian Carnaval as an excuse to experiment with different kinds of South American inspired dishes. Their next event is slated for May 5th, so keep your calendar open (like you have anything planned at that hour anyway).


1207 19th St NW / Washington DC
There are surefire staples to any brunch menu, several of which are vaguely French-American. But if you don't mind your eggs and home fries to have a irrepressibly Irish twist, then this D.C. dine-in is going to be for you. The atmosphere is somewhere between upscale and downright dive, as the rustic interior compliments the hearty plates. But don't mistake straightforward for simple, as the presentation of the food betrays a higher-minded aesthetic goals for the kitchen.  

2024 N Halstead St / Chicago
If you thought that everything brunch was quantity over quality, you haven't been to Lincoln Park's Ba-Ba-Reeba. This tapas and pintxos joint specializes in packing a lot of flavor into a small bite. The best thing about any small plate experience is variety, and these midday-inspired meals know how to get a lot of mileage out of their menu.  
485 Brickell Avenue / Miami
When you're in Miami, people like to do everything a little over the top. In the case of the Viceroy's Eos brunch, you can do it way over pretty much everything, as the 50th floor pool party does add a dash of elitist indulgent to the general brunch proceedings. But don't think that the altitude affects the kitchen, as plentiful buttermilk pancakes and bottomless mimosas will make you rethink wearing your more revealing swimsuit. 
7494 Santa Monica Blvd./ West Hollywood
In a time when it seems that every other person is a vegetarian, vegan, or crusader for Chanticleer's rights, it's refreshing to find a place that specializes in carving up the finest cuts of meat. And at Salt's Cure, they're taking their love for lean meats and serving them up on their brunch menu. Part butcher, bart brunch, this brilliantly beefy L.A. hotspot appeals to the carnivore in all of us, and offers the best corned beef hash in town.  

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