Get Your Cardio in with Bhangra Dance

Traditional workouts can be such a snooze, which is why cardio workouts in the form of dancing have become big hits. We’ve all heard about Zumba, and probably know some people who do it, but have you heard about Bhangra?

It’s a centuries-old folk dance from northern India that, like Zumba, is being taught in gyms and clubs across New York City as a cardio workout. The dance involves high-energy moves that will get your heart rate going, and even the most uncoordinated can keep up with the simple steps.

If you’d prefer to Bhangra at night, there’s even a Basement Bhangra event run by DJ Rekha, which is a nightlife event with the same cardio benefits. 

Some places to get your Bhangra on:

The Ailey Extension

Basement Bhangra w/ DJ Rekha


The Masala Bhangra Workout

New York Sports Club


Can't stop moving? Don't miss the "Dance Phenomenon" episode of "1st Look" this Saturday after "Saturday NIght Live" on NBC!

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