Snapchat Filter Turns Glenn Close Into Woody Harrelson Clone

Could Glenn Close pass as Woody Harrelson if she were a man?

Oscar nominee Glenn Close is the latest celebrity to find herself enthralled by the new Snapchat filter that visually alters your gender.

Over the past few weeks, a host of celebs and everyday Snapchatters have taken to social media channels to share what they would look like if born as the opposite sex. Perhaps one of the best Snapchat gender swaps came when  Close posted a photo on Instagram of herself as a man.

And that photo went viral for its own reason.

“When I show this picture of me as a guy with attitude, they think I’m Woody Harrelson!” Close wrote in the post's caption. “I’m flattered, kind of.”

It’s safe to say that if Close were a man, Harrelson would have had some competition. Now, the question is, will he be posting a gender swap photo of himself as a woman?

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