One Direction’s Harry Styles Corrects a Fan’s Grammar


Harry Styles, your/you're the cutest!

A One Direction fan at a recent Philadelphia show discovered the perfect way to get the hunky boy-bander's attention: hold up a misspelled sign and wait for him to pick you out of the crowd.

That's what happened to a Directioner who got some notes from Harry on her "Hi Harry! Your so nice" art.

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Upon seeing her sign, Harry signaled to the fan, somehow procures a marker, and fixes the grammatical error by adding an apostrophe and an "E," according to videos posted to social media.

Contractions and possessive adjectives can be a doozy.

Quick back-to-school lesson: "You're" is a contraction of "you are," like: "you're doing this correctly now that Harry has given you a tutoring session. He's your hero, isn't he?" Like that. 

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It remains unclear whether the 21-year-old singer plans to use One Direction's upcoming hiatus as an excuse to get into teaching.

His fans would probably be happy for more one-on-one tutoring session, though.

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