James Franco and Winona Ryder Will Give Each Other “The Stare”

The careers of James Franco and Winona Ryder have taken very different paths, and yet they are about to converge, in a new movie from Franco's old film school teacher.

Franco and Ryder will co-star in a psychological thriller called "The Stare," reported Deadline. It tells the story of a playwright, Ryder, who starts to lose her grip on reality while trying to launch a new production, with Franco as one of the show's actors.

The film will be directed by Jay Anania, an associate professor of directing at NYU's film school, and was the brother of the late Elizabeth Edwards.

At last year's Tribeca Film Festival, Anania unveiled a film starring Franco that was then called "William Vincent," but is now known by the title "Shadows & Lies." We are sorry to report that it was one of the most boring, ponderous, slow-moving films we've ever seen--it made "Somewhere" feel like "The Hangover."

Here's a clip:

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