Katherine Heigl: Onscreen Bounty-hunter

Perhaps you never thought you'd see Katherine Heigl and bounty-hunter in the same paragraph, but the "Grey's Anatomy" star is going rough onscreen.

Heigl will star in "One For the Money" which has been acquired by Lionsgate. Heigl will play the gutty, bounty-hunting heroine in the film, according to EW.

How does she get there? She'll play a newly divorced, recently laid-off woman desperate for income who agrees to work for her sleezeball cousin and his bail bond agency. Her big case: a local cop wanted for murder who turns out to have broken her heart in high school.

If you're thinking a possible romance amidst the drama, you might be correct.

Julie Ann Robinson, who directed Heigl in "Grey's" and who helmed "Last Song," will direct. Hopefully she can pull this off better than the dreadful bounty-hunter saga that was Jennifer Aniston's "Bounty Hunter." But after actually watching "Last Song" a feeling of actual despair might set in for this project. Come to think of it though, perhaps Miley Cyrus acting all tough in that movie might be a more likely bounty-hunter than Heigl.

The movie is an adaptation of Janet Evanovich's first novel from the bestselling Stephanie Plum series spawning 19 books. So if it's a hit, there's plenty of room for more.

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