“The Kids Are All Right” Is Going to Do Just Fine at the Box Office

In a summer of trying box office times, you might imagine that "The Kids Are Alright" would be box office poison with a storyline looking at same-sex marriage and an interloping sperm donor. But that thought fades almost immediately based on a great script and great performances from Julianne Moore, Annette Bening and Mark Ruffalo.

Ruffalo dissected the film's box office chances at the press day for the film.

"The 600-pound gorilla is that it's a lesbian movie and we're in the middle of this huge debate about gay marriage," said Ruffalo. "But I really loved was how quickly the novelty of the gay marriage and the sperm donor thing just fades away."

"It's a real honest movie about family," he added. "I've seen the audiences laughing, and they are laughing because they see themselves."

Even against the usual summer blockbuster fare, Ruffalo feels the movie has the chops to build and make a run. And that's clear. "The Kids Are All Right" will not dominate with gaudy numbers. But we are still going to be talking about this movie in the weeks and months to come. It's that good, with some memorable performances.

"It has Julianne and Annette, that's it own draw to a certain group," said Ruffalo. "And the idea of them as lovers is also it's own draw. It's a nice counter-programming moment."

Ruffalo downplayed his own draw. "(My name) and four bucks will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks," he added.

But that's just being humble. Ruffalo is one big reason to see the movie more than once.

Further, the star wisely points out that many viewers are seeing the box office trash that comes out in the summer and getting wise to it. "These big movies have been pooping out,"  said Ruffalo. "I don't know if people are getting more savvy. But it's an exciting time for this kind of movie."

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