Mark Zuckerberg Shells Out $30 Million As “Privacy Investment”

The latest sale closed just this week.

Mark Zuckerberg recently spent $30 million buying four of his neighbors' homes, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

The Facebook CEO isn't taking over the properties—he's simply controlling how the properties surrounding his home are marketed and who they are sold to. He first began buying the homes in December 2012 after he learned the developer was planning to capitalize on Zuckerberg's residence in the area. 

To avoid media attention, Zuckerberg spent almost a year buying the homes—three are located behind him and one is located next door. He is allegedly leasing the homes back to the former owners. The latest sale closed just this week. 

Zuckerberg's home currently is a smaller lot, and there is a possibility that he may be able to expand his lot further. He also owns a home in San Francisco.

Read the full story on the San Jose Mercury News.  

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