Family Finds Napping Black Bear Trapped in Closet

A Montana family's mudroom was "just right" for their unexpected guest that they woke up to early Friday morning. 

The family found a black bear napping on the top shelf of their mudroom.

Deputies responded to the incident at 5:45 a.m., according to the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office in a now-viral Facebook post. 

The bear opened the mudroom door and ended up deadbolting the door from the inside. 

“When deputies knocked on the window, the bear was not the least bit impressed.” said Missoula County Sheriff’s Office. “He slowly stretched, yawned and, unamused, looked toward the door."

When deputies unlocked the door, the resting bear yawned again. 

The animal was then tranquilized and removed from the home.

The homeowners spent the day cleaning up after their surprise guest.

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