Mila Kunis: Seeing Timberlake's “Bits and Pieces” Was “Awkward”

 While on the road promoting new flick "Black Swan," Mila Kunis is already talking about another film in which she has some steamy scenes with Justin Timberlake -- and apparently that's not as easy as it sounds.

"The truth is we had to have very uncomfortable scenes for two weeks… there's about 150 crew men watching and you see each other's bits and pieces," the actress said on "The Ellen Degneres Show" about film, "Friends With Benefits." "The whole thing is just wrong."

As soon as Ellen followed up with "when you say bits and pieces..." Kunis blushed and started giggling.

"Yeah, well, you'll see the movie."

The movie, directed by Will Gluck and slated for release next summer, details the relationship between two buddies that becomes complicated when they decide to get romantic. Emma Stone and Andy Samberg also have roles in the movie.

On the show, Ellen challenged her famous guest's words. "When you say uncomfortable-- probably not as uncomfortable for most women," she joked about her handsome co-star.

But the "Black Swan" star insisted that hot scenes are always really challenging.

"it's very awkward. It just is."

As uncomfortable as she was having faux-make-out sessions with Timberlake, Kunis said she loved working with the "Sexy Back" singer.

"I adore him, he's great." she said.

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