Iran's New President May Tap U.S.-Bred Cabinet

Following President Hassan Rowhani's overwhelming victory in Iran's presidential election in June, several U.S.-educated Iranians are expected to be tapped for key posts under his administration, according to NBC News. Once Rowhani is sworn in on August 3rd, he will reveal a new cabinet and team of advisers. Among the names being touted are four veteran Iranian politicians who all hold degrees from U.S. universities. The 64-year-old moderate cleric was eyed as a candidate promoting reform, with citizens hoping to put an end to the antagonistic rhetoric of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. However Rowhani's election may be a sign of change within the country. Although relations in the West aren't expected to improve immediately, Rowhani's leadership could mean the beginning of a more open government and potentially a better relationship between Washington and Tehran.

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