Munich Gunman Was Obsessed With Mass Shootings, Lured Victims With Free Food

A book entitled "Rampage in Head: Why Students Kill" was found among the suspect's belongings

Police said there were “no indications” the teenage gunman who killed nine people and then himself at a mall in Munich, Germany, had any links to terror groups including ISIS, NBC News reported. 

"There is no indication that there is a link to ISIS," Police Chief Hubertus Andrae said.         

Searches revealed the 18-year-old, born and raised in the Bavarian capital, "looked intensively" at the subject of "shooting rampages," Andrae said. Officials said they found a book called “Rampage in the Head: Why Students Kill” among his belongings. 

It appeared the attacker hacked a young woman’s Facebook account and posted a message to lure people to the mall for a free meal, according to police. 

Police searched the gunman’s home, which he shared with his parents and his brother. Family members were not questioned because they were “too affected,” Andrae said.

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