Donald Trump

After Amtrak Derailment, Trump Pushes Long-Delayed Infrastructure Plan

Hours after an Amtrak train derailment in Washington State left several dead and dozens injured Monday, President Donald Trump tweeted about his "soon to be submitted" infrastructure plan as a way to prevent future tragedies.

But his tweet is misleading on a number of fronts, NBC News reported. His plan to rebuild America's infrastructure has been delayed several times over, and there are questions about what's in it and how it will be funded.

Trump vowed to introduce legislation that would spur a $1 trillion investment into American infrastructure during his first hundred days as president. That deadline has long since come and gone. Trump never put forth a proposal, and his party set out to tackle health care and taxes first, pushing infrastructure to the back burner.

And, the White House's May budget blueprint called for a nearly 13 percent reduction to the Department of Transportation's discretionary transportation budget — including a $630 million cut to subsidies for long-distance Amtrak routes, according to the Washington Post.

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