Weekend Watch List: Jeff Bridges Really Ties “SNL” Together

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and shoot your eye out. LET’S GO!

SNL – Saturday 11:30PM (NBC) Jeff Bridges has been a Hollywood stalwart for a good long time, but he’s never hosted SNL before. UNTIL NOW! Yes, the Oscar winner (and star of the truly awesome-looking “True Grit”) drops by Studio 8H for the show’s last episode before the New Year, with musical guest Eminem featuring Lil’ Wayne. That’s a pretty impressive host-musical guest combination. Might even be better than the Will Ferrell/Queens of the Stone Age combination from a couple years ago. Note to Seth Meyers: If you have Jeff dress up as The Dude and make a lousy sketch out of it, you will pay the consequences. ANTICIPATION: NICE MARMOT!

GOLD RUSH: ALASKA – Sunday 10:00PM (TLC) TLC’s new reality show profiles a group of down-on-their-luck Oregon men who decide to move to Alaska to become gold miners. Gooooolllllllldddd! Grabs yer pans and yer pickaxes, fellers! There’s a river up north where we can hit the motherlode! We’ll be able to buy all the rock candy and ether we like! YAHOOOOOO! ANTICIPATION: CINNAMON AND GRAVY!

SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA – Sunday 9:00PM (TLC) Continuing with the Alaska porn, the former governor and her family spend this week in an RV! Smart political move. If there’s one thing Sarah Palin’s constituency has in common, it’s living in RV’s. Then Sarah and Piper go dogsledding on a glacier. Because when you’re traveling on a sheet of ice that may or may not have several dangerous crevasses to fall into, you always want to lash yourself to a sled of high-speed canines. ANTICIPATION: PARTISAN!

SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA – Sunday 8:00PM (CBS) Season finale time, followed by the reunion at 10PM. Learn who will win a million bucks, and then go to jail for not paying taxes on it. ANTICIPATION: SNAKEY!

THE GIRLS OF TEEN MOM 2 – Sunday 10:00PM (MTV) MTV plucks three gals from their “16 & Pregnant” series to follow for the second season of their “Teen Mom” series. Alas, that one girl who slapped the dickens out of her baby daddy and got arrested for it won’t be among the chosen few. And that’s too bad, because I like my low class parenting to come with a healthy dose of the ultraviolence. I wonder if they’ll go dogsledding on glaciers. ANTICIPATION: USE PROTECTION!

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