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LoMo Blasts Ramirez in Front of Teammates

McKeon not the only Marlin upset with HanRam's tardiness



    LoMo Blasts Ramirez in Front of Teammates
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    Jack McKeon benched Hanley Ramirez Monday for missing a team meeting, but he was not the only person on Hanley's back that day.

    According to multiple outlets, Marlins leftfielder Logan Morrison (who is just over a quarter the age of McKeon, for the record) gave Ramirez an earful for not showing up early enough in general this season.

    Citing unnamed sources, the Sun-Sentinel reported Morrison criticized Ramirez for arriving to the ballpark later than all his teammates all season long. Morrison also told HanRam that his "tardiness" is the reason he is hitting near .200 (clearly Morrison subscribes to the dictum "early is on time, on time is late").

    Looks like someone is still mad Hanley didn't sign his cast.

    Morrison declined to speak about the incident, only saying "I'd rather have what happened in the clubhouse stay in the clubhouse."

    We're not sure which is more surprising, that Ramirez's teammates were frustrated with Ramirez, or that Morrison didn't tweet about the dispute.

    Meanwhile, Ramirez told the media Tuesday he was not late for McKeon's team meeting on Monday, even though he arrived long after the meeting started.

    "I wasn't late, and I agree with whatever he [McKeon] does," Ramirez told the Miami Herald. "Some guys, they come in early. They come in at 3. I come in at 3:30 every day. Everybody knows it wasn't my fault, so I wasn't late."

    So to recap: Hanley was not late, but McKeon was justified in punishing him for being late.

    The Marlins are looking increasingly like a train wreck. But now that the NBA Finals are over, at least the Marlins are interesting again.

    David Hill is a Miami native and the cofounder of Marlins Diehards, the only blog with perspective on the eccentricities of Marlins fandom.