Dolphin Cheerleaders Want You to Bring it On

Tonight's your last chance to play pep squad

What do you want to do every other Sunday for a few months?

If you're answer is, "I just wanna dance!" then head to Equinox Fitness on South Beach tonight, where the Dolphins Cheerleaders will be hosting an audition (which takes place April 4th) prep clinic.

During the one-hour class, which takes place from 8-9 p.m., DC hopefuls or anyone who just wants to shake their pom poms will be exposed to "a day in the life of cheerleading camp." [Cue "We've got spirit, how 'bout you" flashbacks.]

"From the high V to the low V to the goal post and more, members can learn the essential cheerleading positions and how to hit their motions and angles perfectly," reads the press release. We're not sure what high and low Vs are, but we're thinking it involves spirit fingers.


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