Fantasy FanHouse Roundtable: Who Is The No. 1 Overall Pick?

Thursday was a see-saw type day for fantasy baseball analysts. We were left scrambling to rework our cheat sheets in the wake of the news Alex Rodriguez would miss at least a month of the regular season. Once we got done with said scrambling, we heard that he's actually going to rehab and play through a torn labrum in his hip.

After all was said and done -- including the revelation to non-medical people that the labrum is in both the hip and the shoulder -- the No. 1 overall pick discussion can be revisited. Hanley Ramirez, Albert Pujols and David Wright should certainly be involved, but it's possible to consider Jose Reyes as well.

So ... who do we have?

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Will Brinson: I'm taking Hanley (although it's nice to see those of us who were in the Wright over A-Rod camp are now fully justified, whether you think we deserved it or not). I think Pujols might actually have another monster MVP year this season, but he's a first baseman, and with the positional scarcity coupled with Hanley's speed/power combo and youth, I just don't think you can pass on him.

Tom Herrera: I think it's got to be Hanley, too. A couple of us were already putting Ramirez at No. 1 overall over A-Rod, and now this injury clears the way for the rare power-speed shortstop to be the undisputed pick. In fact, if the early reports that Rodriguez will be out at least 10 weeks are correct, then I'm dropping him way down the rankings [Ed. note: we started this roundtable when A-Rod was thought to be out for a while]. While it's surgery on his hip rather than his knee/wrist/other key body part, I just don't take chances with a pick that high. My top-five order now becomes Ramirez-Pujols-Wright-Reyes-

Sizemore, with CystRod on the outside (see, I already coined the New York Post's new nickname).

Brinson: Wouldn't that actually be "CystARoid"?

(we all just ignored that)

I'm going to have to go with Wright. I think they'll both have similar batting averages, with Wright having the slight advantage. I think they'll both have similar home run totals, once again with Wright having the slight advantage. With the switch to batting third in the lineup, Ramirez loses some runs scored, giving the advantage to Wright. Ramirez will gain some RBI, but it won't be enough to catch up with Wright's RBI production. So, the only category Ramirez outshines Wright in is stolen bases. If Wright wins four of the five rotisserie categories, why shouldn't he be the first pick?

Matt Snyder: In order to cover all bases, I'd like to state that I would take Wright first overall if we were certain A-Rod would miss at least a month. There would be such a huge separation at third base between Wright and the next best player -- Evan Longoria, A-Rod, or Aramis Ramirez -- that you'd have to. Pujols has Ryan Howard, Lance Berkman, Mark Teixeira and Miguel Cabrera to provide at least a bit of competition. Hanley has Reyes. Wright, however, would be on a plateau of his own, while putting up great numbers in all five categories.

As things stand, though, it appears A-Rod is going to be around, just hampered a bit. Personally, I'd rather have Hanley Ramirez. His RBI production should drastically increase while moving to the No. 3 hole this season, and his power numbers make him a much better pick than Reyes and Jimmy Rollins. Outside of those three, shortstop isn't exactly a burgeoning fantasy position.

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