Hulk Hogan Confronts Wife's Lawyer

Hulk Hogan is getting a divorce, and in a Florida courtroom this week, he confronted his wife's lawyer as if he were staring down Andre the Giant on a pre-Wrestlemania III segment on Piper's Pit.

Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) became upset when he heard the lawyer for his estranged wife, Ray Rafool, telling reporters that Hogan had held marital assets hostage. Hogan angrily confronted Rafool, threatening to sue him and asking him if his son enjoyed the autograph that Rafool sought from the Hulkster.

Rafool responded to Hogan by asking, "Are you gonna to wrestle with me here? Are you gonna come across the cameras? Then be quiet."

The confrontation came shortly after a judge allowed Hogan to have access to $225,000 in frozen assets. Hogan was on crutches in court because he recently had back surgery.

On Friday, Rafool told the Associated Press, "It got much more heated than I would have preferred. Some of it was a little tongue-in-cheek about the wrestling. He was smiling and laughing. I was, too."

David Houston, Hogan's lawyer, told the Associated Press, "He felt that every dime they have was being dissipated by virtue of the divorce proceeding."

Said Rafool of being confronted by Hogan, "I guess I get the feeling what it's like to be in the WWE now."

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