Gators Lick Chops, Tebow Sports Beard

Our bearded savior prepares to steamroll into the record books

Signs of the apocalypse: Britney Spears remarrying. Gaping holes in the sky.  Fire.  Stubble as news.

It's either the end times or today's news was extra slow, because one of those things came true this morning when Tim Tebow arrived to Florida's first fall football practice with a 5 a.m. shadow.

The now-famous beard (it touched him!) will last "probably until media day,'' Tebow said, before his words were etched in steel and hung outside the Swamp. "My mom will tell me to shave or something.  [But] it feels good to get out here and just practice and not have to worry about looking nice."

Well, then, all thanks in advance to Mrs. Tebow for sparing us "Breaking: Overexposed QB Sports Overgrowth!" headlines. Oh, wait...Argh! 

It's fun to quibble with Tebow, because there is absolutely nothing to quibble about.  He's one of the greatest college players ever.  He relieves tiny impoverished children of unwanted foreskins for free. He's always polite and respectful.  He's also got the Gators right where they want to be as they open camp: returning nearly all starters, staring down a softly padded schedule, and poised for a repeat BCS trophy.

However, as Florida opened camp this morning, the team wasn't just focused on another crystal football -- they were focused on getting one without losing a game. 

“Man, it’s a big goal. It’s something I think about every day,” said Brandon Spikes. “That’s one of the reasons I decided to come back for my senior year. I just wanted to re-write history.”

The Gators, who haven't had an undefeated season in their 103 years on the gridiron, did lose Percy Harvin to the NFL along with stellar offensive linemen Michael and Maurkice Pouncey.  But the entire two-deep roster on defense returns, and the offense gets a potential Percy 2.0 with dynamic freshman Andre Debose.  Toss in Tebow, who's virtually impossible to plan for, and it's a mix that's near impossible to beat (at least for opener Charleston Southern and next victim Troy).

So, what's a Florida fan to do when not worrying about the scoreboard all season? Try, where one man's stubble is every other man's obsession.

Or  Or get the picture.

It's only just scratching the surface:

"Dude, we gotta grow beards now."

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