Manny Ramirez Has “Nothing” to Say About Steroids

Manny Ramirez had a one-word answer when asked if he had anything to say about the accusation that he used performance-enhancing drugs in 2003:


Does he have anything he wants to say to his accuser, Jose Canseco?


It took a few days before anyone in the media got around to asking Ramirez about the shaky allegations from Canseco. Those allegations are largely supposition on Canseco’s part — his proof is that Manny's contract negotiations dragged out this summer.

Apparently it had nothing to do with the economy or Manny’s behavior in Boston. Canseco even had to put a qualifier on it -- he is “90% sure” Ramirez is on the list of positive tests from 2003.

Ramirez handled this the right way -- his answer largely makes the story go away. Nobody knows for sure if he is or isn’t on that list, but Canseco is guessing this time. If Manny isn’t talking, there is no story.

And we can instead focus on something like baseball. That would be a nice change.

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