NBA Selling Lakers' T-Shirts in Celtics Green

Let's say you're a Lakers fan. You're feeling pretty good about yourself, considering the beat-down L.A. gave to the Spurs on Sunday, and to celebrate, you decide to head on over to and shop for some new gear. You click on "shop." You click on "Lakers." You click on "Mens." You click on "T-Shirts."

And then, you're completely horrified.

Because at that point, staring you in the face is this monstrosity: a St. Patrick's Day version of a Lakers' t-shirt, in all of its disgusting Celtics' green glory, and with a freaking shamrock on the sleeve to match.

You've got to be kidding.

This has to be the single worst idea in the history of the NBA's marketing department. A Lakers' t-shirt in Celtics green? With a shamrock on the sleeve? Really? Who in the world did they think was going to buy one of these things? The product description is as follows:

You'll love this adidas Originals Los Angeles Lakers super-soft, short-sleeve t-shirt. The high-quality cotton shirt is decorated in St. Patrick's Day colors and designed with the distressed team logo screen-printed on the chest for a vintage look.

The Celtics are the one team in the league that Lakers fans hate more than any other. Besides the history between the two clubs in the 80s, the Celtics kept L.A. from winning the championship less than a year ago. The fact that anyone in the NBA's marketing department thought that these shirts would be a good idea just shows how completely out of touch they are with the team's fans.

Here's hoping that not even a single one of these shirts ends up selling.

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