“Crazy” Ozzie Could Derail Peavy Trade

It's the hottest baseball rumor around: The San Diego Padres Jake Peavy to the Chicago White Sox. According to SI.com's Jon Heyman, the trade might already have happened, at least in principle; the two sides have agreed on the deal. The only thing holding the trade up is Peavy's no-trade clause, which gives him final say over any destination. And right now, he might not be too happy.

Apparently, Peavy is no fan of Ozzie Guillen:

Within the clubhouse, though, Peavy referred to the situation as “something to think about” yet also restated his desire to stay in the National League. One of Peavy's teammates said he believes Peavy respects the Sox's aggressiveness in pushing for him but may have reservations about pitching for Ozzie Guillen, the White Sox's volatile manager.

Those "reservations" essentially amount to the following stance: "Ozzie Guillen is too crazy for me, and I don't want to play for him." Whether or not that's correct is beside the point. If that's how Peavy feels, this trade -- which would bring the White Sox a surefire ace -- might derail.

The best way forward is probably for Guillen and a coterie of Sox veterans to start buzzing Peavy's cell phone as soon as possible. Ozzie's guys love him. He may be insane, but he's also loyal to his players, and his players have always seemed to respect that. A few calls, text messages and emails might help get the point across.

In the meantime, though, Sox fans can only wait. For everything Ozzie Guillen's volatile demeanor has brought the White Sox -- including a World Series title -- could it cost them one of the league's best pitchers?

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