Phins Toss a Non-Wimp on the Barbie

Australian Rules punter Jy Bond is signed to compete with Brandon Fields

It's probably not a g'day for Dolphins punter Brandon Fields: the Dolphins just signed a guy who's never played organized football to provide a little competition for the two-year vet.

That's American football, anyway (or as we call it: "life").

Jy Bond, 30, is a Melbourne native and grew up playing the notoriously tough Aussie Rules Football; the Dolphins acquired him today in free agency.  According to reports, he's been training to make the NFL switch for several years and had attracted interest of late.

Fields has great upside, but his 43.9 yards per punt average -- with 24 inside the 20-yard line last season -- only managed to place him 8th in average and 14th in net average in the AFC.

Should Bond and his 4.9 hang time be even half as successful as his Aussie predecessors Darren Bennet (Chargers and Vikings), Ben Graham (Cardinals), Saverio Rocca (Eagles), or Mat McBriar (Cowboys), who all made the switch after grueling ARF careers, it's a great return on investment for the Dolphins.

At worst, the move just scares the 24-year-old Fields into working even harder -- and everyone learns to kill and grill a variety of wrestle-able wild animals in the off-season.

It's a step in the right direction for fans hoping Bill Parcells will next import Elle MacPherson to light a fire under the Dolphins Cheerleaders.  After all, there's no such thing as too much excellence.

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