Do Steroids Matter to You?

How cheating impacts fans

Saturday, Sports Illustrated broke the report of the baseball off-season: Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. A-Rod is, with the possible exception of Barry Bonds, the most controversial baseball player alive. And the addition of steroids to his already-weird career resume -- filled with extraordinary baseball talent, gigantic contracts, extramarital trysts, and a weird relationship with Madonna -- is sure to ensure his place among the all-time most-reviled pro baseball players.

Much of today's sentiment about A-Rod will flow from anger. Fans will deride the already-unpopular slugger as a cheater. Many will forget the fact that there is no real evidence that steroids make you a better player, or that it is likely many other top players have experimented with the same things Rodriguez did.

What if the shoe was on the other foot? What if your favorite baseball player failed a steroids test? What if the player was likable, productive, and always did the right things? What if your team didn't punish him? How would you react? Would you stay away forever? Or would you say he did the right thing by admitting what he did and cheer for him as hard as ever?

Let us know how you'd react in the poll to the left, and feel free to explain in the comments.

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