Tebow Goes T-Back

Nothing says devout Christian and Heisman trophy winner like a pair of lady's of panties named in your honor

Tim Tebow has been compared to Superman, become a cult icon and had children named after him.

But now the University of Florida quarterback has received the ultimate honor: he has a pair of panties named after him.

Meet the Teebows, a new thong named after the Gators' superstar.

They come in three styles and are "Fun and functional, these T-Backs are a sturdy blend of 90% cotton and 10% lycra, resulting in a sexy - yet athletic - undergarment perfect for that Gator Gal in your life,"  according to the Tebows.com website peddling the product.

Who needs a Heisman or a national title when you have women's underwear named after you!

Not sure how the "honor" is being received by Tebow, who is as well-known for his devout religious beliefs as he is for his play on the field.

One would think he would at least be blushing, if not standing on a corner in Gainesville handing out personally signed pairs to adoring coeds.

The product, which has a "T" with a bow over the top of it embroidered on the panties, shows just how superhuman Tebow really is.

Most athletes get a shoe named after them. Some get a clothign line or appear on cereal boxes. Only Tebow will have his product line in the butt crack of sexy women across the country.

They say it's great to be a Florida Gator. Apparently, it's even better to be Tebow.

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