UM Basketball's Graham Likes Tight End

The former college court favorite could go from slam dunks to scrimmages

Bo Jackson. Michael Jordan. That quarterback from FSU.

Some athletes just aren’t content with being good at one sport. Add to that list (maybe) UM basketball power forward Jimmy Graham.

Anyone who’s been to a ‘canes basketball game knows Graham has a knack for aggressive defense, which could be an asset when he tries out for a tight end position on the UM football team.

"We will give him a chance if he wants to do that," UM football head coach Randy Shannon said during a press conference today. "I told Jimmy he has an opportunity to come back to school, enjoy the dream of playing football... with his size and speed he may help us."

Though Graham isn’t commenting on his decision, at the press conference, the Miami Herald’s “Eye on the U” blogger Manny Navarro spoke with Graham's old basketball coach, Carlos Peralta, who said the football team approached Graham about giving tight end a try.

"First and foremost what swayed him was that he's enjoyed his time at UM," Peralta said. "He talked about going to graduate school, how he'll be able to be a double major [marketing and business] by the time he graduates. Jimmy always loved football. It was his first love really. The way he and I see this is he gets to let go of more unleashed aggression -- without the fouls."


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