Watch: Dwyane Wade Cartwheels in Epic Video Bomb

Chris Bosh is no longer the king of video bombs in the Heat locker room

Getty Images

Chris Bosh has long been considered one of the best pranksters on the Miami Heat, but on Monday night teammate Dwyane Wade surpassed him and upped the ante for post-game antics.

While LeBron James was being interviewed by Sun Sports' Jason Jackson after Miami's 107-92 win against the Phoenix Suns, Wade caught him completely off guard by executing a textbook cartwheel in the background.

It was a gambit pulled directly from Bosh's playbook. Bosh had been the king of post-victory videobombs on the Heat (as any internet search for "Chris Bosh video bomb" will attest), but Wade's cartwheel bomb takes the cake.

James and Jackson were so taken aback that they had to stop the interview for a few seconds to regain composure.

Watch the video below:

The Heat have won seven games in a row, and they are off to play Cleveland on the road on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see if and how Bosh tries to outdo Wade the next time Miami wins.

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