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Graveyard Thief Strikes Again in Pa.



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    A place that is supposed to be peaceful and solemn once again became the sight of a crime.

    Authorities say that for the second time in four years, bronze vases worth thousands of dollars were stolen from a central Pennsylvania cemetery.

    Police in Manheim Township in Lancaster County say 85 vases were taken over the weekend from grave markers at Conestoga Memorial Cemetery in Lancaster Township.

    Manheim Township Sgt. Tom Rudzinski told the (Lancaster) Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era that the vases were valued at $200 each, making the total loss $17,000.

    Tammy Eshelman, one of the cemetery's managers, said insurance doesn't cover the thefts, but officials are looking for vases made from cheaper material that families could use to replace the ones that were stolen.

    Eshelman told the paper that a family had recently put flowers in a vase and when they returned they found the vases gone and the flowers placed carefully on the ground.

    "It was upsetting to the family," she said. "I'm sure there are plenty more who are upset. They go to pay respect to their loved ones and find out something has been stolen from their grave."

    Conestoga Memorial previously sold all its cheaper vases after 37 bronze vases were stolen at the cemetery in March 2010.