Hitler Had “Shocking” Table Manners, Frequent Flatulence

A new biography of the dictator reveals his gross eating habits

Adolf Hitler had filthy table etiquette, gorged on junk food and frequently passed gas, newly released secret documents profiling the dictator reveal.

The Nazi leader had "shocking" table manners, chomped on his nails while eating and had a stomach disorder that caused regular flatulence, a former aide claimed in secret documents released this week, the Daily Mail reports.

Hitler also ran his fingers through his mustache and hair as he ate "rapidly" and "mechanically," the anonymous aide said.

"For him food is merely an indispensable means of sustenance," the aide wrote.

Hitler also ate massive amounts of sweets in his bunker. According to the documents he was often spotted eating "prodigious amounts of cake" that led to a digestive problem and frequent gas emissions.

The report also denied claims that Hitler was homosexual, calling the allegations "rumors and nothing more."

The secret profile is dated May 1945, the month Hitler died, and is marked with the phrase "this summary must be destroyed within 48 hours."

It will go on sale at auction next month and is expected to raise upwards of $1,000.

"It is a highly important document which has clearly survived through extraordinary circumstances," auctioneer Richard Westwood-Brooks said.

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