Pimp My Polar Bear

Computer dating took a step into a bold, if chilly, new world this week, as Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo prepared to find one of its male polar bears a hook-up.

Lee, the 9-year-old bachelor in question, was matched on a computer profile to two sows in Detroit (cool down, Michiganites -- that's the term for a female bear).

Now he's off to Motown for a little love. Cue Barry White.

Lee will be able to choose between a mother and her daughter at the Detroit Zoo, where he was shipped Tuesday.

Zoologists use genetic testing to find mates for polar bears, but the animals can be picky about their partners. There are no guarantees Lee will make the most of this, his first opportunity.

He can't mate at Lincoln Park Zoo because the only female polar bear there is his sister.

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