Texas Teen Shows NYC Who the Real Guitar Hero Is

Boy, 14, jams his way into Guinness Book

Do you wish you lived to see guitar greats like Jerry Garcia or Kurt Cobain?

Maybe some of you did, but Wednesday marked a new generation -- that of the Guitar Hero phenom.

He's just 14 years old, but Danny Johnson can work the strings, er, buttons, like none other.

Hailing from Texas, Johnson flew to New York for an appearance at the 5th Avenue Best Buy, where the Guinness Book of World Records watched Johnson set a new record.

Johnson performed before an audience of press people -- sometimes the hardest critics -- and wowed the crowd as he took on Guitar Hero's seven-minute rendition of "Through the Flames and Fire" by Dragonforce ... and nailed it.

The number to beat was 899,703 points, and to the amazement of the crowd, Johnson soared to a personal and world record of 973,954 points.  
Also check out his streaming performances on youtube.com/guitarherophenom.

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