That Darn Cat Won’t Budge

Kitty won't leave his post

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HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- One little kitty has an entire Maryland town in a tizzy.

It seems that a cat has taken a liking to a local tree -- or believes he's a squirrel -- because he won't come down.

They're on Day 7 of Kitty Watch 2009 in Hagerstown, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

According to the Herald-Mail, the cat got stuck in a tree in the Brandywine complex near Hagerstown Community College last week, and despite numerous attempts by locals to coax him down, that darn cat just won't budge.

Lynda Dominick first heard the cat's meows last week near her home and tried to lure the little guy down with some tasty vittles. That didn't work. A call to the Humane Society of Washington County didn't amount to much. They said the cat would come down on its own after two or three days if left alone.

But on Day 3 the cat was still there. An animal control officer tried using a pole to catch the cat, but it only sent him higher. The Humane Society tried hiring a tree service to help, but the person who owns the property the tree is on wouldn't let a truck on its yard for "liability issues," according to Dominick.

After a week's worth of fuss, the finicky cat now sits about 75 or 80 feet up the tree. Dominick at one point described the kitty's mood like this: "It's screaming like crazy."

So it appears now all Hagerstown residents can do is sit and wait him out. Which is probably the cat's plan for dealing with them, as well.

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