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Being mean is so 2008. Compliments are in.

That computer monitor has the best seat in the house -- right in front of you.

And, the way you move that cursor around the screen? Don't get us started.

Forgive us if we go on, but Purdue University's "Compliment Guys" have inspired us. Sophomores Cameron Brown and Brett Westcott stand outside a campus building every Wednesday with a sign and hurl compliments at students.

"I dig that shirt," Westcott shouts at a passing student.

"I like that brown hoodie," Brown yells as he points at his bewildered target before he cups his hand around his mouth -- "I like your jeans!"

They stand side-by-side and hold a sign that reads "Free Compliments."

Brown and Westcott have received offers to appear on TV shows, but the "Compliment Guys" say they're "dumbfounded" by the attention they've received. They say they're just noticing things they like about their classmates.

"Enjoy the rest of that phone call," they say as someone on a cell phone passes. "Tell that person to have a great day."

They rattle off compliments as students pass in every direction: "You've got a nice scarf. That's a cool sweatshirt. You have a very nice pink backpack. I like your Bears hat."

The pair was first featured in the Journal & Courier newspaper.

"Everyone is kind of waiting for things to change, to get out of this depression," Westcott told the Chicago Tribune. "I hope that people enjoy what we are doing. We just want people to feel good, especially in a time like this."

Compliments fly Wednesdays outside a chemistry building from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.

"If someone asked me to fly out to California for a TV show on a Wednesday, I'd tell them they'd have to reschedule," Westcott told the Tribune. "We are not going to miss a Wednesday."

So that brings us to the end of the story -- for now. But stick around for a while -- you might find something you like. I know we did (you).

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