John Morales

Still a Lot of Uncertainty With Elsa for Miami-Dade, Broward: Morales

Even while in the "dirty side" of the storm -- we could escape the worse effects of Elsa. But there's still a lot of uncertainty.

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Elsa, now a hurricane, continues to race at 30 mph towards Hispaniola, where impacts may be especially strong in Haiti.

It would continue on towards Jamaica and Cuba by Sunday. We're starting to lean more towards a Florida Keys to Gulf of Mexico track for Elsa next week.

This could bring a robust tropical storm with near-hurricane gusts to the Lower Keys beginning late Monday. For metro Miami-Dade and Broward counties, however, the distance at which the center of Elsa will pass is still in question.

The latest National Hurricane Center forecast has it passing 135 miles west of Miami very early Tuesday morning. At that distance -- even while in the "dirty side" -- we could escape the worse effects of Elsa.

But there is still a lot of uncertainty and it will take the weekend before we can determine exactly what impacts, if any, it will have on our largest population centers. 

Saturday into Sunday, we will increasingly come under the influence of more stable air on the distant outskirts of Elsa, and therefore thunderstorms locally are expected to diminish while temperatures spike into the mid 90s.

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