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Elderly Man Robbed by Thieves Posing As Feds: Cops

The suspects told the elderly man that they were federal agents and they wanted all his money, the police report says.



    The elderly man reported that he was robbed of $2,000, authorities said.

    Authorities on Thursday were searching for two suspects who posed as federal agents and robbed an elderly man of $2,000.

    On Wednesday afternoon, 78-year-old Angel Custodio Garcia noticed a white pickup truck following him as he parked his car at 728 NW 23rd Ave. and walked to his apartment. A man got out of the truck and said, "We're the feds and we want all the money you have," the City of Miami Police report said.

    Garcia told them that if they were actually federal agents, they should walk with him to his apartment, the police report said.

    A second person got out of the vehicle and pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and pointed it at Garcia, who was pushed to the ground and searched, the report said. That's when the men found the money in his pants pocket.

    The two men searched Garcia's car and trunk, and then fled in the truck, authorities said. But they dropped a cell phone, which was recovered.