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South Florida Woman Turns Over $1,800 Found at ATM

Money found hanging out of deposit slot at Boynton Beach bank



    (Published Tuesday, May 22, 2012)

    A South Florida woman is being praised for her honesty after she turned in $1,800 she found sticking out of a deposit slot at a Boynton Beach bank Sunday.

    Boynton Beach Police say Adriana Allen was driving through the ATM at the Chase Bank at 555 N. Congress Avenue when she spotted the cash.

    "I had to stop at the ATM to get some cash out, and there it was $1,800 waiting for me!" she said.

    The 46-year-old tried to push the money, 18 $100 bills, into the slot but they wouldn't go in. Allen said no one was ahead of her when she used the ATM.

    Allen called police, who came and took the cash until they can locate its owner.

    "I did feel nervous," she said, but she didn't think twice about returning the money.

    "Come on, it was $1,800. Nowadays people work hard for that kind of money," she said.

    On the police department's Facebook page, officers thanked Allen for "her honesty and compassion, and for doing the right thing."


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