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AAA to Tow Cars for Free on Cinco de Mayo

Drivers that drink too much on Cinco de Mayo can have their cars towed home for free



    Triple A and Budweiser are offering free towing services on Cinco de Mayo.

    For all the Cinco de Mayo revelers that may have one too many drinks, AAA and Budweiser have your back.

    The two companies have partnered in the “Tow to Go” program that offers free towing services to any Florida resident on certain holidays, according to the AAA website.

    The program is meant to protect the streets from drunken drivers and car collisions and will tow drivers and their cars safely home, according to a release.

    AAA received 3,000 calls in 2011 and since the programs inception in 1998, more than 18,000 drunk drivers have been removed from the roads, the website states.

    Call 1-800-AAA-HELP for more information.