Brent Musberger's BCS Commentary About Crimson Tide Quarterback's Girlfriend Stirs Up Twitter, Sports Media

Local radio host Channing Crowder said Musberger made "men comments" where he shouldn't have

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    "I think it was a man making men comments on a stage that he shouldn't have been making 'em on, but I don't know what all the hype was about," 560 WQAM radio host Channing Crowder said of Brent Musberger's comments about Katherine Webb during the BCS National Championship Game. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013)

    Brent Musberger’s color commentary about Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend started a firestorm on Twitter – and has been the talk of TV and radio stations across the country, local radio host Channing Crowder said.

    “I think it was a man making men comments on a stage that he shouldn’t have been making ’em on, but I don’t know what all the hype was about,” said Crowder, of 560 WQAM’s “Kup & Crowder Show.”

    During Monday night’s BCS National Championship Game, veteran sports broadcaster Musberger spoke about Katherine Webb as the camera focused on her.

    "Now when you're a quarterback at Alabama – you see that lovely lady there … She does go to Auburn, I want to admit that, but she's also Ms. Alabama, and that's A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, OK?” Musberger said. “And right there on the right is Dee Dee Bonner. That's A.J.'s mom. Wow, I’m telling you – you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women. What a beautiful woman.”

    On his show Tuesday, a caller told Crowder that Musberger wasn’t being perverted, but was doing “everyday guy talk.”

    “You don’t sit and visually grope a young man’s girlfriend! That’s what he was doing,” responded Crowder, who is a former Miami Dolphins player.

    Before the game, Webb had about 2,000 Twitter followers, and now she has more than 200,000.

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    The comments about her didn’t stop with Musberger’s first statements Monday.

    “Wow! A.J.'s doing some things right down in Tuscaloosa,” ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit said.

    Added Musberger, “So if you're a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with Pops."

    Crowder called it “national stupidity.”

    “That is the Kardasians having shows, that is Paris Hilton being famous. National stupidity is what it is,” he said.

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