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Ex-Commissioner Gets Bonus Grand Theft Charge

Michelle Spence-Jones stole $25,000 from developer, prosecutors allege



    Michelle Spence-Jones

    Already facing a bribery charge, Michelle Spence-Jones will now have to fight off allegations of grand theft.

    The former Miami commissioner was notified Monday by state prosecutors that she will also be charged with grand theft following an investigation that led to her removal from office twice earlier this year.

    Spence-Jones is now accused of stealing $25,000 from from a developer, who also happened to be the same person that was willing to pay a bribe to get the commissioner's vote.

    Prosecutors allege Spence-Jones told developer Armando Codina to contribute $25,000 to several charities in order to gain her favor. The money didn't go to a charity, as Modina thought, but instead went to help pay for personal expenses of Spence-Jones and her family. prosecutors said.

    Spence-Jones has pleaded not guilty to the bribery charges and will likely keep that stance on the grand theft allegations.

    A trial is set for Jan. 5.