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Fired Miami City Official Retains Salary and Benefits

Rakes in more than $175,000 in taxpayer's dollars for unspecified duties



    Miami refuses to shed its Banana Republic image by retaining a fired executive at the same salary, even though she is now an assistant to an assistant

    Five months ago, Shirley Richardson lost her executive job with the City of Miami Civilian Investigative Panel after it was determined that she was raking in too much money for what she was doing, which was essentially nothing.

    But she is still receiving her $168,000 a year salary, $800 a month car allowance and $200 a month cell phone allowance in her new city job, which is described as an assistant to an assistant where her job duties are unspecified, according to a CBS4 report.

    Essentially, she is still getting paid for doing nothing.

    Taxpayers have City Manager Pete Hernandez to thank because he was the one who decided that Richardson was deserving of some “severance”.

    In fact, her salary continues to be drawn from the budget of the Civilian Investigative Panel, which is supposed to serve as an oversight to police misconduct.

    If you recall, the CIP made a big issue last year about Miami Police Chief John Timoney receiving a free Lexus SUV.

    Turns out, he wasn’t the only one abusing his position.